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Billing date changes

I’ve been a customer for about a year now and have had about 2/3 different dates where I’ve been charged for my monthly mobile bill.
It started out being the 16/17 of each month then changed to the 18th and finally today (26th) I’ve been charged for my bill which obviously isn’t the 16th or the 17th. Does anyone know why this has happened? And how I can get it to stop? I need a set date because it’s making it more difficult to budget money each week/month for when I get paid!

Please help!!
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Re: Billing date changes

@Andypowell96 sorry about that. If your bills are produced on the 18th of every month then the payment will be collected via direct debit 8 calender days after the bill is produced so it would be expected that the direct debit would be taken on the  26th. If the bill date falls on a weekend then this can delay things for a day or two. 

Can your bill dates to see if this has been happening?

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