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Black BT WiFi Disc £100

I'm thinking of buying one of these from the BT shop to add to my BT Smart Hub 2.

For the sole purpose to try and get a better signal and response from my Ring Doorbell, there is a bit of a lag from when a caller is detected or rings the doorbell to when I get a notification on my mobile.  It's not horrendous, I'm just wondering if it's worth a try at £100 ?

PS: Tried all the obvious troubleshooting to make the Ring Doorbell get a better signal, even the Ring Doorbell extender, which is useless.  Signal strength on the Ring app is about 70, I want this to be below 50 at least !!


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Re: Black BT WiFi Disc £100


Assuming that the doorbell has a mains power supply which it plugs into, then a powerline adapter with wireless, would be a much cheaper option, and more reliable.

A wifi hotspot device like these should solve the problem, as it would be right next to the doorbell.


Which I think is cheaper.

I would not even consider using one of the BT disks, unless you were getting them "free" as part of the BT Complete Wifi solution.



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Re: Black BT WiFi Disc £100

Thanks for that, but the Ring doorbell I have is the battery one, I have not connected it to a electrical power source (yet), I could, but once I bought what you suggest and then a compatible Ring power source, I'd be up to almost the £100 for one BT WiFi Disc !!

I dont mind spending the £100, just need some reassurance that there's a high % possibility of it improving the connection between the Ring doorbell and the BT Smart Hub 2 via the BT disc !! Otherwise, I'll be stuck with it !!


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Re: Black BT WiFi Disc £100

You don't need a power supply for the doorbell, it was just a suggestion as to where to plug the powerline adaptor in.

The Tp Link powerline that @Keith_Beddoe linked to at about £33 is a much cheaper option than the disc and will be just as effective. You will also be able to give it a discrete SSID on the 2.4Ghz band which you wouldn't be able to do with the black disc.

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Re: Black BT WiFi Disc £100

So, is the TP Link one better than the BT one, or not much in it ?

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Re: Black BT WiFi Disc £100

In my opinion the TP Link is better, my BT ones died and I  replaced them with the TP Link ones. I can't quantify it, just gut feeling.