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Booking an engineer

New customer (or was!) Booked a package of phone & broadband. Need an engineer to fit telephone socket - there's an existing line. Told can't book an engineer but the package starts 29 Dec. No good if I can't access it so cancelled order.

Any suggestions for getting telephone socket fitted???? 

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Re: Booking an engineer

If there is an existing line what happened to the master socket which must have been there

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Re: Booking an engineer

It's a static caravan/holiday home. Previous people moved and their old caravan was moved. We've moved our caravan onto the pitch. Need a telephone socket and line reconnection.
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Re: Booking an engineer

Presumably the previous socket / line was damaged/disconnected when the previous caravan was removed from the pitch, so what is left of the previous installation, cable poking up from a duct or a  dropwire dangling from a telegraph pole ?

The issue is, if the address is shown as existing service just in a stopped state, then an order for service would probably be progressed as a takeover not a new install ( even though you know you need an installer ) , generally, after a line is started from a stopped state, it’s tested and if found to be testing faulty , a new customer fault is raised , this usually sends out an engineer.

If for some reason this new customer fault process doesn’t work, you would have to raise a fault yourself , even though the line has never worked ( for you at least ).

A potential problem is, the previous occupant of the pitch should have got the line removed properly, presumably they just ripped the line out when the old caravan was removed, if/when the engineer turns up to sort it out, if they mention that the reason for the visit was ‘damage’ when they book the job off , even though you never caused the damage , it’s possible a charge to repair the damage would be raised.

You may think you are paying for a new line so even if the line has to be re-provided  from scratch you have already paid for that, but the provider may only be paying Openreach for a takeover of the line, otherwise the job would have had an engineer booked from the start, and if a start order turns into a full provide then it’s possible the extra costs have to be paid, OR  don’t bill you , they would charge the service provider, but they may try to pass that charge onto you.



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