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Broadband Speed FTTP

So I’ve just switched to BT 900 FTTP from VM 500. I am using the same 3rd party router (ASUS ZenWifi Mesh with router + 1 node) The speed I used to get with VM on WiFi in the same room as a router was about 400mbps so I had lost 100mbps through the air. I’m now on BT 900 and the modem is getting speeds around 890 which is great but my wife speeds are only reaching around 300Mbps. My PC which used to have the fastest WiFi sonnet ion with VM (around 490) is now only getting around 150.  We’re using the same router as we did with VM, only difference is the router is now linked directly to the Openreach modem whereas when we had VM we put the VM Hub into modem mode and plugged in the router.

Why am I losing like 500Mbps through the air compared to 100Mbps with VM??

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