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Broadband date

So I am moving tomorrow and have just got bt broadband but the date they have given me is the 25 to set up is there a way I can get this pushed to a sooner date as I need the internet at home for work thanks in advance 

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Re: Broadband date


Welcome to this user forum.

The date you have been give would be the earliest that Openreach  and BT Retail can do the work, however you should be able to get free access to BT Wifi hotspots, while you are waiting.


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Re: Broadband date

@Hatty1 Don't mention that you're using home broadband for work as strictly speaking you should be on a business product

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Re: Broadband date


Provided you are not running an actual business from home, and are just a homeworker working for your employer, then that is fine.

Some employers ever contribute towards the cost as its often cheaper for them

If the employee needs a better service level, e.g. if they are providing IT support to customers, then normally the employer will be expected to provide a business connection.

The account would then be in the name of the business followed by the address of the employee.