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Re: Broadband download speed

Hi Iniltous,

 My main computer is connected to the router by ethernet cable. Plugging the router directly into the master socket and then reconnecting the computer is very difficult as the master socket is buried in my loft. The connection from the master socket to the slave socket that the router is connected to is relatively short probably less than 10m and was checked by BT a few months ago.  I am using a filter in the line with the new router as that is the only way I can connect it.  I have replied to Imjolly re the stats but have not heard back from him as yet.

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Re: Broadband download speed

Yes just copy and paste into the reply box.

Don't forget the other things asked for.

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Re: Broadband download speed


I have managed to download the Technical Log for the router this morning. I s that what you mean by stats? I have  attached it to this reply.  Incidentally every reply I receive from the forum is in duplicate for some odd reason

Product nameBT Smart Hub 2
Serial number2003118842
Fireware versionv0.17.01.12301-BT (Mon Dec 30 19:16:29 2019)
Board versionR01
GUI version1.56 15_02_2019
DSL uptime4 days 23 Hours 50 Mins 15 Secs
Data rate10.0 Mbps / 25.0 Mbps
Maximum Data rate12.7 Mbps / 46.6 Mbps
Noise margin7.0/16.6
Line attenuation9.3/20.3
Signal attenuation9.3/22.5
VLAN id101
Upstream error controlOff
Downstream error controlOff
Data sent / received891.2 MB Uploaded / 2.1 GB Downloaded
BT Wi-FiActive
2.4 GHz wireless network nameBT-6RA5ZH
2.4 GHz wireless channelSmart (Channel11)
5 GHz wireless network nameBT-6RA5ZH
5 GHz wireless channelSmart (Channel36)
Wireless SecurityWPA2 (Recommanded)
Wireless modeMode 1
MAC addressCC:D4:2E:23:83:77
Software variant-
Boot loader 0.1.7-BT (Thu Nov 30 09:45:22 2017)
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