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Re: Broadband reset at midnight

No street lights on or off at that time.

Another drop out tonight.

Here's what the technical log says




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Re: Broadband reset at midnight

Not had time to digest but this link has some information on what you are seeing It seems on initial reading, that the system is sending a reset to your hub but that its probaby due to problems with the line.

Its something I also had at the time and resolved it by getting a third party router and modem.
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Re: Broadband reset at midnight


Any suggestions on a modem & router for G.Fast?

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Re: Broadband reset at midnight

Now thats a question

I would have recommended the Draytek modems but for the new Vigor 166 firmware doesn't seem to be quite as good as it should be yet.
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Re: Broadband reset at midnight

Seems very strange that G.Fast has been around for what? 2 years now? And there are very limited options when it comes to a modem/router combo.

I'm thoroughly unimpressed with this now. No issues for such a long time and then in the space of a couple of weeks it's gone through the floor.

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Re: Broadband reset at midnight

It is a pain. Trouble is a Vigor 166 and a suitable wifi router is going to be ~£200 so not a cheap option if it doesn't help and does need a bit of tech knowledge to setup.
Its possibly still a resolvable issue with BT, did you get any further with the Mods help ?

I think the only other options are the Zyxel XMG3927 or try to get one of the Openreach mt992 G.Fast modems off ebay with a different router but I have no experience of these.

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Re: Broadband reset at midnight

Would I be correct in saying that the Vigor 166 is a modem only and that I would still need a router to connect to that too?

I mean, the Mod I have been dealing with on here has been in touch but he's kind of at the mercy of what BT and the Openreach engineers are passing on.

I've just had a look into the Zyxel XMG3927 and it seems to get a decent review on Amazon.

I've got ANOTHER engineer coming out tomorrow so I'll see what he says - the Zyxel might be an option if I don't get any further forward.

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Re: Broadband reset at midnight

The vigor can act as a router as well as operating as just a modem (bridge mode) but I think it forte would be just as a modem and it doesn't have any wifi, so a separate wifi router with a WAN port, connected to it as a modem would be the 'best' way to use it in my view.
You would need to ensure the WAN port on the router is capable of gigabit as a lot are not.

My personal solution would be (I have FTTP now not G.Fast, so not tried the 166)
Vigor 166 in bridge, TL-R605 router setup with PPPoE and BT mini disks for wifi (I have that router and disks in my FTTP setup and they work really well, though I have all my disks hard wired).
Ultimately its a cost and I am cautious of 'recommending' it only to generate more posts on trying to get it setup, but if you have a bit of networking knowledge, its reasonably simple.
I did notice that the Openreach MT992 G.Fast modems are quite reasonable second hand on that well known site and that should work just like the 166 without having to set it up but would still need a none BT modem to stop any reboot commands being sent to it.

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Re: Broadband reset at midnight

I know your pain 😞


Been through this before in the past and your right very frustrating indeed.


Have you monitored your SNR numbers at this time, do they drop sharply before internet disconnects.



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Re: Broadband reset at midnight

I can't say that I have - is that something I can see in the router log?

Yeah, I really wouldn't mind if it was doing it at like 4 or 5 in the morning but it's doing it right at the worst time it could do it.

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