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Broadband- ultra slow

Despite being 10 metres from houses with fibre broadband , BT/Openreach will not connect my property because it is an exchange only line. On a good day, I get 4 to 5 mbps down and 0.05mbps up. Ofcom have the Universal Service Obligation for a minimum of 10 mbps, but will I get it automatically or do I have to request it. If I have to request it, where do I address the request to?

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Re: Broadband- ultra slow


It not BT/Openreach, its simply Openreach that provide the network for most providers.

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Re: Broadband- ultra slow

bear in mind the 10mb connection includes that ability to get internet using mobile phone

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Re: Broadband- ultra slow

It is many years since I had a reliable 2G signal; a text can take between 5 mins and 22 hours to come. I need to know if a text has been sent so I can drive a few miles to get better reception to get it, which is just ludicrous. At all the new properties around me, there is fibre 10 metres from my door but as I am on an ancient eo line Openreach will not connect me. So I pay an extortionate price for a very poor service.
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