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Broadband usage charges explained

Your broadband usage is the data that you upload and download from the internet. This includes activities such as internet browsing, watching a video online, online gaming, and downloading.


We have a usage policy that covers monthly usage allowances and manages the use of specific applications on the BT network, and is measured on each calendar month (from the first of the month to the end of the month).


More details on our usage policy are available here.


BB icon.pngWhat are BT's Monthly Usage Allowances?


 BT offers a range of monthly usage allowance options, so you can choose the product that best suits your needs.


Allowances for broadband products introduced from 1 February 2013:


BB allowance.png


Allowances for other broadband products:


BB allowance2.png


What is broadband usage?


When you access the internet you are uploading and downloading data – your broadband usage.


There are three main factors that contribute to the total amount of usage we measure on your line:


•The number of devices you're using to access the internet at any one time (for example, computers, laptops, smartphones and tablet computers);

•The amount of time you're on the internet;

•The kind of things you're doing.

Some activities involve more usage than others. Watching a video, for example, involves downloading loads more data than looking at a simple web page or a sending a short email. The table shows what kind of usage is involved with some common activities:


BB usage table.png


*these sizes are approximate and can vary.


Our broadband options have different amounts of monthly usage allowance designed to suit different types of broadband users. Read more about monthly usage allowances and our broadband options.


I’ve been charged broadband usage charges, how can I keep an eye on my usage?


Your service won’t be affected if you go  your monthly usage allowance, but you will be notified via email if you reach 80% (if you’re on a 40GB limit product) or 70% (if you’re on a 10GB limit product) of your usage allowance each month, and a further email if you exceed your allowance in a particular month.


We will send emails to your active BT primary email address (e.g. that was set up when you ordered broadband or an alternative email address that you have given us for the purpose of contacting you.


If you exceed your usage allowance, you'll be charged for additional usage in units of five gigabytes (GB), at £5.30 per 5GB.


To help you keep track of your usage we provide a usage monitor which shows how much of your allowance you have used and how much is remaining, each day. You can access the usage monitor through your online account by clicking the 'View my broadband usage' link in the broadband services section. If you haven't set up an online account then you can register at


Click here for help on how to use the broadband usage monitor.


If you're finding your monthly usage allowance inadequate and are regularly paying charges for additional usage, you can upgrade to a product with a higher usage allowance. Upgrade your broadband here.


Forum icon.png I need further help


Why not post your question in the Other Broadband Queries board for further advice about your usage.



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