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Broadband usage

I have raised the same query SEVERAL times over the last few days by online chat, phone, email BUT BT still insist we are using less than 50 MEGA byte a month. As we cannot get FIBRE and our connection is VERY slow I need to get broadband elsewhere. All I want to know is what we ACTUALLY use in DATA. Can anyone help? I need to know who I can complain to above the online complaints and general customer service email.

I am SO angry that they don't take my request seriously. I am online ALL day and THIS is what they reckon we use... 

 Download Upload Total 
Aug-170.03 GB 0.02 GB 0.05 GB 
Sep-170.01 GB 0.00 GB 0.01 GB 
Oct-170.03 GB 0.01 GB 0.04 GB 
Nov-170.02 GB 0.01 GB 0.03 GB 
Dec-170.03 GB 0.02 GB 0.05 GB 
Jan-180.01 GB 0.01 GB 0.02 GB
Feb-180.02 GB 0.01 GB 0.03 GB 
Mar-180.03 GB 0.01 GB 0.04 GB 
Apr-180.00 GB 0.00 GB 0.00 GB 
May-180.02 GB 0.01 GB 0.03 GB 
Jun-180.01 GB 0.01 GB 0.02 GB 


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Re: Broadband usage

In Windows 10, go to Settings> Network and Internet > Data usage

If you want a breakdown  then click on View usage per app

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