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Bt mail security

If I log out of the BT mail app, I would expect to have to enter my password to get back into it. This is the case if I start up the app again but, if I receive a notification that I have a new email, I can click on the notification and get straight into the app without the need to enter my password.

Is there some setting to prevent this? 

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Re: Bt mail security

Hi @Graham35p, welcome to the community and thanks for posting, if you sign out of the app rather than closing it you will be asked to log in again with your email address and password the next time you want to access it.  When looking at your folders menu it's the icon in the very top left corner of the screen that looks like a box with an arrow.

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Re: Bt mail security

Hi NeilO,
I understand what you are saying. I log out of the app every time and, as you say, I have to enter address and password to access it every time I restart the app.
My problem is that if I get a notification, I have an Android phone so get a icon at the top of my screen, I can touch the notification and go straight into the mail app and access all of my emails, without having to enter my address or password.
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Re: Bt mail security

With any normal mail app, you don't log in or out, the app stores the logins for multiple accounts and just logs in checks mail and logs out in the background. The BT mail app is just bizarre, it acts like webmail.

Just uninstall it and use a proper app such as Blue Mail or Aquamail

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