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Camera RAW files

Is it possible to view camera RAW files or DNG files saved in my BT cloud, because at the moment I just get a  plain box shown and when I click on it a black screen appears where the photo should be.

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Re: Camera RAW files

You'll need to download the codec for the video file type. If you type the file extension in to a search engine, it should point you to the right place. Some codecs are only available as part of the original proprietary software though.. 

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Re: Camera RAW files

I no longer use BT Cloud but I did try this when the cloud first became an option. I have a Canon so I use their DPP program and my Raw file size is normally 20-25 MB and my test files worked without any problem viewing using DPP or "Rawtherapee". I have no experience with Adobe's DNG files. These days I keep all my raw files on a NAS at home as I don't take my laptop, with the necessary programs to view the files with me. My JPEG's are only about 6MB, max large size, and much easier to move around.

Have you checked that the file sizes are the same as the ones you shot?

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Re: Camera RAW files

I can view RAW files normally it's when I try and view them on the cloud website. The RAW files are saved but can't be viewed but JPEGS and TIFFs can.  

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Re: Camera RAW files

If you download a raw file from the cloud, as opposed to trying to view it, are you able to view the file?

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Re: Camera RAW files

When you try to view the image in the cloud  do you, assuming on  the image file and select open with your raw image viewer?

If I use "rawtherapee" I have to search through my computer file structure for the rawtherapee.exe  and select this

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