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Can someone please help

12.09.2018 - My BT package expired (infinity 1 unlimited+line rental+unlimited weekend calls )

14.09.2018 - I was on the phone to BT to find and make me a new package. The person on bt line told me they find a package the same as the one that just expired, the price was going to be a little more but not much. I said OK go ahead and make the order.

15.09.2018 -Having logging in to mybt the following day, I see the order but its not the price she quoted or the package she told me. I phoned BT and spoke to Samantha from Warrington who said sorry for the mistake and that she would cancel my order and becuase it was a saturday..she would ring me back on monday to find me a new deal.

17.09.2018 - She never rang me back. I then went online again at mybt and see the order was not cancelled and still going through! 

18.09.2018 - I phoned BT and got through to a group from Glasgow. I told them all mentioned above. They told me they would cancel all my current BT orders and find me a new deal. They found me a new deal (infinity 1 unlimited+line rental+unlimited weekend calls ) great price as well.

At the end of the conversation I told them I had problems with my line, also that constantly being an existing BT customer...I never get send a new hub and infact not recieved a new hub for a few years as them deals are only for new customer.

He finished my order for (infinity 1 unlimited+line rental+unlimited weekend calls ) then passed me onto a call with an engineer. The engineer tested and found a fault on my line and told me he would send me a new hub out because mine was old and faulty.

1 hour later the engineer arrived and replaced the line going to my house saying the old ws the problem being 20+ years old etc.

19.09.2018 - I log into mybt but don't see the first order cancelled or the new order made. I try phoning BT but no answer I tried the chat messaging online but in the middle of conversation..they leave the chat?

20.09.2018 - I log into mybt and still the first order not cancelled or the new one placed from the Glasgow team. I have not recived any emails or anything. So I am starting to panic and thinking to myself, what the hell is going on dow at the BT office!

About 1 hour ago I again logged on to BT chat message and tried speaking to someone who can help me. I gave my account details etc and told them all mentioned above. The told me the first package has not been cancelled and the email I gave them is not linked to my account - reason I have not recieved and email off BT! I continued to ask how I can link my email...and again they ended the chat?

I am here looking for help, scratching my head. Can someone please help me.


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Re: Can someone please help

you can try options team 0800800030 they are uk based   or you can try billing

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Re: Can someone please help

Currently speaking to someone online from that number. Still not helpful. Just dont seem to understand my problem 😞

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Re: Can someone please help

Hi @Caerphilly,

I'm sorry to hear about the problems with your order. If you don't get the help you need over live chat, let me know so we can help you.



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Re: Can someone please help

I phoned again and got put through to someone who I thought undertsood my problem. They found that the order for my hub that the engineer made was cancelled, but it turns out, that was accidently cancelled by someone in the department who accidently cancelled the hub being sent out instead of the wrong order going through! -   bangs my head against a wall lol

But they had a word with the engineer to be sure my details and information was correct. The hub is now being re-delievered and will be here by friday. 

The only problem now is when I log into mybt I am still seeing the first order I tried to cancel and no other. Something so simple but still so hard to get.

All I want is the wrong order cancelled which is with the bt sports, keep the hub coming, and give me a new 18 month contract for (BT infinity 1 + line rental + unlimited weekend call plan).


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Re: Can someone please help

Hi @Caerphilly,

We can check it all out for you. To get in touch with us, click on my user name and then copy and paste the link under "Moderation Team Email Address" into your browser.  Complete that form and we'll get back in touch with you.

It may take us a couple of working days before we can get back to you but we will.



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