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Can't block or forward a phishing email

I had a phishing email yesterday. I tried blocking the contact on my iPhone and it wouldn't block it. I reported the issue to Apple as it looked like a problem with their iOS, but after I spoke to them they washed their hands of it and said it was down to BT to sort out. When I tried forwarding the message I got an error that basically said I couldn't. I'm at a loss what to do here. Apple don't want to deal with it and I can't report it using the normal routes. And there's no one who seems bothered. Screenshot 2021-12-22 122858.png

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Re: Can't block or forward a phishing email

I got round not being able to report suspicious emails (because forwarding is blocked) by sending the suspicious emails as attachments instead of forwarding them.

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Re: Can't block or forward a phishing email

I've tried that as well @grahamm1 . The screenshot I attached was the result. This was the weird thing, I couldn't block the contact using iOS, I couldn't forward it and I couldn't send it as an attachment. It's really odd. And only for this message. All the other spam I get can be blocked and forwarded. 

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