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Cannot log on to my own website

We have recently had BT reconnected to our home after a period of nearly ten years.  Since the 8th February we have had a BT Fibre connection via the BT Home Hub 2.  Prior to this we were using a rural wireless broadband and VOIP telephone service - but fibre has arrived in our village.

I have a personal web domain for my hobbies (Email/Weather Station / Photography / Family History etc). For example, see .  The weather station automatically updated the website at 10-minute intervals 24/7.

We are really pleased with our new BT service but for one niggling issue.  From the very beginning and once every 24 hours or so I lose contact with my own personal website, whatever device I have linked to the Home Hub and I am using.  Restarting the Home Hub sets thing right but only for about 24 hours. Others can see the site though the weather station ceases to update the website until the hub is rebooted.

BT Help hasn’t solved the issue and my domain host tells me that the fault does not lay with them.

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Re: Cannot log on to my own website

A quick inspection of you website link shows tracking protection errors.

Are you using a VPN?...

Are you using a Commercial internet security software application. (I checked you link with Norton...oops🤐).

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Re: Cannot log on to my own website

I'm not usng VPN.

As for my website, my virus security is Kaspersky.  I've taken a look at its Web Anti-Virus settings and set it to exclude my domain.

I'll see what hanppens.

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Re: Cannot log on to my own website

As for your weather station:- It’s one of the better versions, almost up to Met Office standards.

Would be interested to hear of results. We have lost our local Met Office station, just 4 miles away ....It suddenly went off air, no explanation. 

Might look for your version, as existing is near end of life.

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Re: Cannot log on to my own website

I've had three weather stations since I started collecting data in June 2009.  The first two were cheap chinese jobbies that gave out or became unreliable after a couple of years.  I now have a more expensive Davis Vantage Vue which was more expensive but worth that as it is rock solid and reliable.

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Re: Cannot log on to my own website

On my second Chinese weather station since 2009.

This one has uv sensor....only worked for 6 months.

Radio controlled time never worked from day one. The weaknesses are in the main transducer (battery terminals  corrode) and the rain gauge rocker mechanism. Have full set of records in Excel for 12 years, however. Would put the rainfall accuracy at 5%. I never upload to the web, due to power supply complications.

Suppose you could consider just uploading once per day,

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Re: Cannot log on to my own website

My router problem, if that's what it is, also effects my emails etc. and after I started messing with it yesterday it has let me down three times since 16.00hours yesterday.  Most frustrating.

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Re: Cannot log on to my own website

Are you using an email client?

VPN settings or other security setting don't appear to upset the email client such as MS Outlook. BT webmail takes time to recover, if you have changed DNS settings. Is there an error message on email (webmail)?

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Re: Cannot log on to my own website

I am using MS Outlook.  

I'll check exactly what error message it offers next time theconnection drops.

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