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Cannot login to E-Mail or MY BT

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I had a message to advise one of my e-mail accounts was due to be removed due to inactivity. I attempted to login to the e-mail account, but it keeps failing. I therefore reset the password which was accepted but it still wont let me in (even though it confirmed the password had been reset). I have a couple of other e-mail addresses that also seem to be locked out, yet one of them can access e-mail if I set it up using Outlook, it is just the webmail that doesn't seem to work, and the error message only says "Something went wrong. Please try again." I have also tried to login to MyBT and that fails too. I have tried it from different browsers but it keeps failing. Any ideas?

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Re: Cannot login to E-Mail or MY BT

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Are you a BT Broadband customer or paying for your email through a BT Premium email account?

Are you 100% certain that the email you received about your account was from BT?

Did you try and log in to your accounts directly or did you use a link that was in the email you received?

Have you tried changing your MyBT password as per this link?

Forgot login details (

See link how to reactivate email accounts

 Why has my email address been suspended or deleted? | BT Help

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Re: Cannot login to E-Mail or MY BT

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Hi thanks for the reply. Yes I am a BT customer but I don't have a premium account. The alert was definitely from BT as I have had one before (if you dont log in during a set period of 90 days, your account is removed after 30 days of the alert).

I have actually worked out the issue now. I logged on from a different PC and it works fine. I tried to login from my work PC which works for everything else, but I suspect there is some sort of block/proxy in place which is interfering with the login process, as it works fine on the other device.


Appreciate you taking the time to respond with some ideas.




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