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Cant Recontract current broadband

Time of year again to recontract my broadband but same as last year its thinks im bring back my line from another provider which im not, wants to charge for activation fees etc.  

"Thank you! You have chosen to bring your calls and line back to BT, and have chosen BT Infinity fibre optic broadband.

We can see that you currently have both services with another provider, so we will need to take care of this for you in 2 stages."

Doing it from the login page as opposed to the email sent to me says this

We’re sorry we can’t show you any personalised offers here at the moment. Please don’t try to call us unless you really need to. Our call centres are very busy and we’re prioritising helping our vulnerable customers and those most in need. We appreciate your patience. In the meantime, there’s lots you can do to manage your account online.

Only way this was resolved last time was a complaint which took months to resolve but even that route seems unavailable now.  Helpdesk at the time couldn't resolve it.   Any ideas other then a lengthy phone call to get no where again?

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Re: Cant Recontract current broadband

try options team who are dealing with renewals and see what you can negotiate 0800800030

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