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Cant raise a complaint

I have tried for days to raise a complaint online. Each time I try it states they cannot update at the current time and to try again. I keep trying again but I keep getting the same message. What is going on?

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Re: Cant raise a complaint

What is it you want to complain about ?

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Re: Cant raise a complaint

Its an ongoing problem that BT don't seem to be able to fix. My land line is forever going off. The wording of the complaint I have been trying to raise is as follows;

This is an ongoing problem in which the landline constantly fails. I have raised this complaint a number of times and each time it is resolved (presumably outside of my home as I have had no engineers visit me). The phone works for a short period and then fails again and the line is completely dead. Basically I am paying for a phone which is not functional but an inanimate object that is no use at all.

I would like this issue resolved once and for all or I will cancel my account and take my business elsewhere.  Please could someone from the UK (not India) call me. I do not want to speak to your India Office as in the past they have been rude and have not been at all helpful. I have raised that as a complaint before and that has been totally ignored. They usually say that the fault is within the house but if that was the case how can it be resolved every time I complain with no visit to my house?

In summary I am very dissatisfied with the service I am paying for and despite being a customer for over 50 years I feel I am not being valued as a loyal customer

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