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Ceasing the Line

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I am trying to switch broadband from Sky to Talk Talk. I'm out of contract with Sky so should be straightforward.... Have given Sky 14 days notice, but now stuck with TalkTalk saying that Sky won't let them take the line over and Sky saying TalkTalk haven't contacted them. A friend suggested I just ask Sky to 'cease the line', but I am concerned that I may end up paying BT a reconnection fee if I do this. Can anyone clarify if asking Sky to cease the line would mean I need to pay a reconnection charge when TalkTalk try to set up their own service? Thanks very much.

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Re: Ceasing the Line

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This is a BT Retail Customer forum.

Please post on the Sky or TalkTalk user forum for advice.

Sky User - The unofficial support forum for everything Sky!

The TalkTalk Members Forums

The connections are provided by Openreach, not BT Retail.

This forum has no connection with Openreach, who are a separate company.



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Re: Ceasing the Line

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Hi @highfieldhouse. Your mistake was to give Sky 14 days notice. The way switching works is you contact your new provider and leave it to them to do everything for you.

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