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Changing provider can't keep landline number

Hi, we've recently changed our phone line from BT Basic to a sky fibre with phone. I realise my issue is probably at sky's end but any advice is helpful! Sky have said that it's not possible for us to keep our original landline number. My mum took the call this afternoon so I'm not 100% sure about what was said.
A quick search online shows information for 'porting' numbers and ofcom state "You can keep your existing landline telephone number when you switch if you want to" with no obvious exceptions stated. As a result of the call my mum has phoned BT this afternoon to cancel our contract with them. Is it possible to keep our old BT number with sky?
My mum is a carer for my brother so a lot of people contact us through the landline, it's a huge inconvenience that we can't keep our old number and right from the start we said we wanted to keep the number.

Any advice?
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Re: Changing provider can't keep landline number


Welcome to this user forum.

If your number was originally issued by BT Retail, then there should be no problems porting it out to Sky.

You would need to ask Sky to takeover your line, and keep the same number, that is their responsibility, and BT Retail would not be able to help with that.

If Sky are not prepared to do that, and you want to keep your number, then you will have to cancel the transfer, and go back to BT Retail.

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