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Changing provider to BT seems costly and onerous

For a few weeks Ive been trying to hep my elderly neighbours arrange a move from Talk Talk  who have been awful.  Im not personally on BT but felt they would be best as they just need basic broadband (poss fibre for min use) and phone lines.  Having had a number of discussions (bith me and neighbour) with BT sales and transfer teams thought all sorted. 


Now it seems BT cant find post code (!) and address, and cant see number (as its with Talk Talk) and are now saying they will charge in excess of £120 to get a telephone line installed - but yet there is a line albeit number seems to be owned by Talk Talk (and people pay for BT line).   I know when I looked on the BT site the phine


I honestly thought couldnt be easier.  BT were also going to kindly pay upto £300 to move my neighbour to them and buyout rest of contract.  It felt like was getting somewhere but all sounds odd now. 


Can someone explain whether its so difficult to move from Talk Talk to BT and get number moved and continue using phone line that is there.  Im missing something and frankly dont know if this is just BT thing, am speaking to wrong people (not UK).  Is it that hard to change  from certain providers nowadays. 

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Re: Changing provider to BT seems costly and onerous

I moved from talktalk to BT without any hassle at all and didn’t need a new line and kept the same number.
Best move I have made as my broadband reliability has improved no end.
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Re: Changing provider to BT seems costly and onerous

Welcome to this user forum.


I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Changing provider to BT seems costly and onerous

Hi @Onlyme and welcome.


Does your friends address match with the Royal Mail checker?





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Re: Changing provider to BT seems costly and onerous

Yes their address comes on the Royal Mail checker fine.

I just checked the BT and put in their telephine number and it appeared there too.  Very odd that its being suggested they nedd a connection and at a cost.  Given too that the conversation they had was on the landline.  Obviously i got the need to pay for connection 2nd hand but cant think they would have got this wrong.  Prob more to this I feel. They are now thinking of moving to PlusNet purely on basis of their frustration. 


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Re: Changing provider to BT seems costly and onerous

Ive found that the telephone number is owned by Talk Talk somehow, and part of the £130 connection cost is to do with getting a new number.  Ive taken enough of everyones time on this I think they just have to accept if they wish to go to BT then that cost will need to be added.  Plusnet wanted similar nature cost but was £49. Thanks for you comments on this.

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