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Cheapest BT Broadband and phone

Hi everyone, before I contact BT I thought I would ask here.  I have an elderly neighbour whose wife has just died.  She used the computer, but he doesn't. He is paying £65 per month, which I think must be a landline and Fibre package.  He is out of contract, so I think he could just drop to landline only, as he obviously still wants the phone and as he doesn't have a mobile.  However, his brother in law visits often and he brings his laptop and wants to be able to connect to the Internet when he visits, What would be the cheapest options?  

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Re: Cheapest BT Broadband and phone


If he is out of contract, then ask him to call 0800 800 030, and negotiate a cheaper package. Make sure that they do offer a cheaper deal, and do not be tempted by any extras.

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Re: Cheapest BT Broadband and phone

If he doesn't use the Internet he should just get a phone package.

His brother in law can get a mobile phone package that gives him enough mobile data so that he can tether his laptop to it in order to use the Internet. This will save your neighbour a lot of money and the brother in law can pay for his own Internet usage!

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Re: Cheapest BT Broadband and phone

this may be of interest

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Re: Cheapest BT Broadband and phone

From the BT  website.

If you don't have broadband and you're not planning to get it, you could get a discount on a BT landline. To find out if you're eligible, call us on 0800 587 0083.

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Re: Cheapest BT Broadband and phone

Thanks I think that is for people on benefits and I don't think he is.  
With regard to ringing the Options Team, he is extremely deaf, and I am not sure they will be prepared to talk to me about his account.  He is only going to his wife's funeral tomorrow so I have told him I will try to help him later when he is a bit more settled. 
With regard to the Mobile Phone option, I discussed that with the Brother in Law, but he is also elderly and doesn't want to get a smart phone. 

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Re: Cheapest BT Broadband and phone

BT do a line rental ‘deal’ for those who have a landline for telephony only , it’s £7 per cheaper than standard line rental , but your neighbour would have to remove broadband from the line and his relative would have to make alternative arrangements to get online...or as already stated negotiate a better deal
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Re: Cheapest BT Broadband and phone

Thank you all for your answers. One other thing, if he re-contracts, in order to pay less than the £65 he pays monthly now, he will no doubt have to enter a 24 month contract. If, as seems likely, he needs to go into a Care Home before the end of the contract, will ne still need to pay a penalty?

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Re: Cheapest BT Broadband and phone

Quite a few care homes have phone lines for individual rooms so your neighbour may be able to use the home move facility if needed ,otherwise he will have to pay a penalty but this would be at a much lower rate than now.

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Re: Cheapest BT Broadband and phone

These links no longer work. What is the best way to find out the cheapest BT broadband and landline package?
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