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Chromebook BT WiFi Hub 6 Disconnecting


I’m having problems with new Chromebook playing funny with BT WiFi Hub 6. It pretty much works for a period then decides to stop showing no internet connection error message.

HP 14a-na0509sa 14" N5030 Chromebook

initially out the box it connected to Hub no problem then it decided to prefer other networks. After ensuring it to automatically connect to our hub 6 and prefer the network, it provided DHCP lookup failed no internet errors.

With some Google I extended the DHCP Range from 192.168.x.10 to 192.168.x.253 and also tested with Google DNS settings on Chrome but it still appears not much better. It works for a period then goes off, requiring you to go out and back into the network for it to work again.

it does however seem to work fine on another network with Sky hub. So I’m very unsure why it’s fighting to stay connected on BT Hub and due just returning the item for another windows laptop  instead.

Any help would b3 appreciated. Thanks



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Re: Chromebook BT WiFi Hub 6 Disconnecting

In the wireless settings delete/forget any of the other networks that it has connected to.

Once you have done that make sure you turn off "smart setup" on the Smarthub.

See link how to do that.

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Re: Chromebook BT WiFi Hub 6 Disconnecting

Thanks for the reply,

I have already disconnected and forgot all other networks in settings. The only one  was a BT Wi-fi hotspot but it’s set to forget now. 

I will however need to look at for smart setup, but how would that work if the device is already connected and recognised by the hub?

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Re: Chromebook BT WiFi Hub 6 Disconnecting

Smart Setup is not required and can cause more problems than it solves. It will cause no problems to turn it off.

When you say BTWifi, are you trying to connect to the BTWifi signal that is showing or are you connecting to your BT Smarthub's signal? Your BT Smarthubs signal name is the same as the name shown on the label on the hub.

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Re: Chromebook BT WiFi Hub 6 Disconnecting

Connecting to BT Smart Hub signal.

I have checked on hub manager and smart setup is already off. 

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Re: Chromebook BT WiFi Hub 6 Disconnecting

I would try a factory reset of the Smarthub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds. 

This will restore all the settings on the hub especially if it has been recently updated.

Once you have done that remember to turn off Smart setup again.


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