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Hi to all. I am writing this to see if other people have similar experience, as I am perplexed as to how I am being treat by namely ‘BT Open-reach’. 

On Wednesday 17th July 2019, I lost my land-line signal and completed a test (finally after hours of attempting to log on the app). The test concluded that I had a fault on the line but did not verify if it was my flat. I tried to call BT but gave up after hours of waiting, or being directed to the wrong departments and the line going dead. Finally on the 28th, I managed to book and engineer for the 19th (between 12-6pm), so took the day off work to await the engineer at my expense as need internet coverage to work. At 6pm, no one has arrived, so called BT to be told that ‘Open Reach’ had decided that the fault was external, so didn’t need to enter my property, but did not tell me (a waste of a day again). I challenged this decision, as I live in a flat, no other flat is affected, so the fault seems internal, but no comment made by BT. 

I am now told that an engineer will attempt to rectify my fault on Tuesday 23rd July, which means I am left unable to work, no entertainment for my family over the weekend and must take another two days off work. Unacceptable when I pay over £100 per month but will be without any service for a week but am expected to pay. 

I am shocked at how I am being treated as I am losing a lot of money, spending more on internet access through my hotspot and my kids are without any internet access for homework of entertainment. 

My question to all is have anyone else struggled with the differing BT departments and how to beat go about a major complaint?


Many thanks in advance. 

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Re: Complaint


As you are paying over £100 a month, are you a BT Business customer?

If you are, then you should have a much better SLA than a residential customer and would normally be fixed within 48 hours or less.

Its actually just Openreach, not BT Openreach.

They work for most other providers apart from Virgin Media.

If the fault is internal to your flat, then you would be charged £85 for the visit, so its a good idea to check at the test socket.

Most faults are external, so a visit is not normally needed.

You may be able to claim compensation.


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Re: Complaint

Hi @Richard1974 

Welcome to the community. I'm very sorry to hear of the problems you've had with this fault.

I have just sent you a private message, please can you follow the information in it on how to get in touch, and one of us from the community team will get back to you and look into this further for you.


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Re: Complaint

Hi and thanks for the info. 

The other problem I have, which was why I wanted an engineer to check is that I don’t seem to have a ‘master socket’, as the one I have does not have a test section (split box). I’ve never bothered before as i only plugged into it and all used to work. 

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