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Complete Wi-fi firmware, disc dropouts, positioning, coverage and keep-alive beacons

is the current firmware release for the SmartHub2 buggy?

Does anyone know in square-feet what coverage the Black BT Complete Wi-fi discs cover?

For the sake of 5Ghz coverage (due to its lack of penetration through walls) in the home, is it best to align the discs so they’re in view of each other? Or should we let the signals bounce?

Does anyone know how often the discs send out a keep-alive acknowledgments to the hub, and Vice-Versa ?

and finally, 

If the discs are inactive for a certain period of time, other than renewing its own IP address by DHCP, are the discs designed to disconnect from mesh infrastructure randomly if not in use and reconnect to the nearest node?


I don’t appear to be able to find any specification sheets online for the discs and I wondered if there was anyone out there that knows the specs and capabilities of the discs because I’d be very interested to know.

Thank you.



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