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Complete Wi-fi - second disc isn't "meshing"?

 Ok, so I got my complete wi-fi disc the other day and it installed just fine, but I wasn't getting a signal in my bathroom (or it kept going between weak and no signal) so I contacted BT and they sent me a second disc.

 I'm in a long flat where its basically one room after room >> bedroom >> Kitchen >> Bathroom

Because of the lack of plugs in the long hallway I installed the first disc in the bedroom where it says it has a "good" connection, which considering the cubby hole space and a couple of double layer brick walls, is ok. That meant I now got an "excellent" signal in the kitchen with my Amazon Echo Show, but it flickering on and off when I tried connecting anything in the bathroom.

 I have just gone through the setup with the second disc, and it seems like it is only trying to connect to the Router itself in the living room, as it shows the signal for it as being poor, then vanishing. Despite the fact I sat it right next to the Echo Show which is showing an excellent signal (the Echo is connected to the bedroom disc when I check)

 So if I try anything in the bathroom, it just goes down to a non-existent signal despite the second disc being in the next room to it?

 How do I get the disc to "mesh" with both the router and first disc, as that is what I assume it is meant to do? Or does it not daisy chain like that? Thanks

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Re: Complete Wi-fi - second disc isn't "meshing"?

I had the system a while ago and found that it needed time to 'settle' and connect to the best disc, i also found it was generally reluctant to 'daisy chain' and preferred to connect in a 'spoke' like topology but if I left it alone it would seem to 'daisy chain'.

You couldnt force the discs to MESH in a daisy chain i recall.

Have you set it up and left it alone for a while?

I found it a very good system and gave a 4 disc system to my brother as i acquired the BT Smart Hub and a disc for my new property which only needed 1 disc upstairs which uses my CAT6 wired network as the backhaul and the property is far more open plan.

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Re: Complete Wi-fi - second disc isn't "meshing"?

I'll give it a while and see what happens. At the moment the second disc has reverted to no signal and an orange light, so it definitely isn't trying to connect to the first disc at the moment. Cheers

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