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Complete WiFi vs Whole Home WiFi

Hi, I hope someone can help me out here. Is Complete WiFi (black discs) an upgrade over Whole Home (white discs), or simply an alternative product with similar performance? I couldn't find any specs to compare them.

I've been using a 3-disc set of BT Whole Home WiFi (white discs) while I was with Virgin Media. I've been very happy with the speed and coverage. I've now got Full Fibre 300. I've disabled the WiFi on the Smart Hub and I'm using my existing Whole Home WiFi. I now find that the Whole Home is not fast enough to keep up with my broadband. With Speedtest I get around 300 Mbit/s when wired to the Smart Hub, but when wired into one of my Whole Home discs the speed tops out at around 250. My question is this: if I was to replace my Whole Home kit with the new Complete WiFi mesh network (with 2 black discs in addition to the Smart Hub) will I see an increase in wireless speed? The black discs will be placed exactly where the white discs now are.

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