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Composing emails in new BT Mail

Why does system not allow jumping to second line before first line completed?

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Re: Composing emails in new BT Mail

What do you mean by "jumping" to a second line?

Do you mean when you are typing an email and want to start a new line and you use the "carriage return" key?

If that is what you mean, what device are you using and how are you accessing your email account. Is it with a web browser or an email client/app and if so which one?

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Re: Composing emails in new BT Mail

Someone, PLEASE answer this? It has been driving me nuts for weeks now.
I can move to the second line using the return key I can use the return key it moves to the second line but unable to type anything until the first line has been completed it transfers to the second line but still can't type anything.
WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH BT email system. Is it the cretins who designed it getting some joy from our frustrations???
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Re: Composing emails in new BT Mail

I am having exactly the same problem-I'm getting fed up with BT. I switched from Talk Talk 12 months ago and have had numerous problems.   I also have a problem with copy and pasting from pro forma documents  into my e mails-once sent, these come out in java script. I eventually manged to contact BT. They had a look at it and simply said-we are aware of the problem and are working on it!!!!


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Re: Composing emails in new BT Mail

I don't use webmail but just had a play.

If you compose in plain text rather than rich text the problem doesn't exist.

A complete faff, but if you press return twice and then backspace once, you can type the second line.

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Re: Composing emails in new BT Mail

Thank you for that. I'm using a Win10 i7 desktop and I do not remember changing anything in the last couple of months so I don't know if your get around will work for me I'll let you know. Once again thank you.

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Re: Composing emails in new BT Mail

Same problem - it works when I change from rich to plain text format, but you have to do this every time.  The problem only stared to affect me a couple of weeks ago.  Do BT ever reply to these cries for help!?

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Re: Composing emails in new BT Mail

I don't think that qualifies for a positive answer to BT software engineer's lack of care for BT Email customers.

Surely with the income BT receives from us they could employ people who get it right or put it right swiftly.

BT do you remember what CUSTOMER CARE is???

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Re: Composing emails in new BT Mail

I have complained but it is not easy to find out who to complain to and it it a hassle. I have had a reply on the problems of plain and rich text and on other e mail problems.  However, the replies say that they are aware of the problems and they provide a jargonised answers. What they don't do is to provide a solution  other than "switch to plain" text and as you rightly say, this is a real turn off as you have to remember to do this on every e mail. I wish now that I hadn't switched from Talk Talk. They were not brilliant but they were infinitely better than BT

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Re: Composing emails in new BT Mail

You will also discover it only seems to be a problem with Firefox for some bizarre reason. Edge, Opera and Chrome seem to work properly.