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Connecting Sky-Q Mini Box via BT Wholehome Network


I have got Sky Q, with a main box in he lounge and a mini-box upstairs in the bedroom. We also have a BT Wholehome Network with 3 discs. The upstairs TV is not used frequently, and the nearest WH disc is upstairs in the adjacent bedroom, so the best disc to connect to for the mini-box is the one upstairs. The main Sky box, usually connects to one of the discs we have downstairs and works fine, although it can connect to the upstairs disc (it is almost directly underneath the upstairs disc).

The problem arises when we turn on the Sky Mini-box and it tries to connect to the upstairs disc while the downstairs main box is connected to the downstairs disc. The Sky software seems to want both boxes to be connected to the same disc. But it requires lots of faffing about and resetting of the network settings on both boxes to "force" both Sky Boxes to connect to the upstairs disc. Once done, it works fine for a while, but of course, when we turn off the upstairs TV for a while, the downstairs box reconnects to the downstairs disc.

So, my question is, is there are way to "force" each Sky-Q box to connect to the upstairs disc by default, so I don't have to go through all the faffing each time we turn on the upstairs TV?

I currently have both boxes connected to the upstairs disc (after lots of faffing) and have now turned off "steering" for each device, not sure if that will work or how long for.IS there a way of "forcing" a particular set of IP addresses to one disc, and ensuring both boxes only use those IP addresses for instance?

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Re: Connecting Sky-Q Mini Box via BT Wholehome Network

I'm not familiar with Sky-Q, but why does the downstairs box switch BT Wholehome discs when the upstairs TV is turned off? Are you also de-powering the upstairs disc at the same time?

Also, can I assume that connecting the downstairs Sky-Q box to the BT HomeHub by ethernet rather than WiFi is not practical - or have you not tried that yet?

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Re: Connecting Sky-Q Mini Box via BT Wholehome Network

I think the downstairs box swaps connection because it can get a better connection to the downstairs disc.


Yes, not practical to connect either box to the discs via ethernet. If it was, I would have done it already.

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Re: Connecting Sky-Q Mini Box via BT Wholehome Network

ISTR, from what I have read about Sky-Q on other forums, that it uses 5GHz WiFi channel 36 and is fixed on that channel. Have you checked what 5Ghz channel your BT HomeHub and discs are set to, and maybe change them to something else?

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Re: Connecting Sky-Q Mini Box via BT Wholehome Network

Both Sky boxes are 2.4GHz and connected to the default channel 1

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Re: Connecting Sky-Q Mini Box via BT Wholehome Network

OK, but what 5GHz channel are your SmartHub and discs set to? Are they also set to the default, which is channel 36?

As I said before, I have no practical experience of Sky Q - just what I have picked up on other forums - but keeping 5GHz channel 36 free seems to be a common theme. I don't know why, but I get the impression that the Sky Q boxes might try to link themselves directly together on channel 36?

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Re: Connecting Sky-Q Mini Box via BT Wholehome Network

The 5GHz default channel is 44. But the Sky boxes are connecting at 2.4GHz to the discs.


If the inter-box connection is Channel 36, then that is far enough away from the discs not to interfere. There's no way of telling if the Sky boxes are connected to each other directly.


Still, this discussion doesn't really help with my original question 

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