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Connection Issues

So we currently have the Bt hub home 6, the second newest model... that works fine and gives good coverage for our house, however our download and upload an ping speeds are appalling. BT said we should get averages of 7.00- 10.00 download while 1.00 upload speed. for the past month or so all we have been getting is inconsistent speeds ranging from 0.65 download, 0.06 upload, 1000+ ping with it only getting stale around 12 pm at night. Obviously we have had many technicians in the past when this was an issue come in, along with recently we had one in who did nothing whatsoever because he said there was nothing he could do but suggest we get a wifi extender(which ISNT our problem our wifi covers the whole house basically) ... I think our line is damaged somewhere (Since our line travels to a nearby town, we live on a farm) but am unsure what to do, obviously contacting BT for help is hard these days, however i also cant exactly keep a call up with out speeds anyways... ANY help on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Oh an the speed tests i did WERE on Ethernet:) 

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Re: Connection Issues


You still have an ongoing unsolved thread here

What connection speed are you getting now? Is you phone line still quiet?

You can get the connection speed using these instructions.

If you are using the BT Smart hub you can get your connection stats by, Opening a new web browser on your connected device and type or bthomehub.home into the address bar. This will open the Hub Manager.  Click Advanced Settings’ and then ‘Technical log’

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Re: Connection Issues

can you post your hub stats  advanced settings then technical log information

any line noise  dial 17070 option 2  should be silent and best with corded phone

enter phone number and post results

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