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Constant high latency spikes


For a couple of weeks now, I am getting these horrible lag spikes every single day. They make gaming absolutely impossible and incredibly frustrating.

I am a tenant in a flat with multiple access points set up throughout the floors so that each floor gets wireless connectivity from the router. However, I am connected to the network via ethernet, through an extension that runs through the walls, which I have been using for well over an year now with no problems.

At first I thought it'd be people downloading/streaming and capping the bandwidth, but this is an occurrence that happens even in working hours and very early in the morning, every day, so I ruled that out...

I have access to the router's admin interface, and I tried disabling internet access for all connected devices except my PC, still hasn't solved the issue. Disabled internet connectivity for my PC and tried pinging and logging latency on another machine (via Wifi), same result. Tried connecting my PC via wifi, same result...

I am running out of ideas... Any help?


Some screenshots detailing the issue


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Re: Constant high latency spikes

Welcome to this user forum.

Could be errors on the line.

Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

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Re: Constant high latency spikes

I don't have access to the landline... But I assume there would be some occasional noise as the connection between the machine and the router itself is getting spikes as well (see ping plotter screenshot)

So, assuming that there's noise, what can be done?
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Re: Constant high latency spikes

You really need to get hold of a landline phone (ideally a corded version) to check for noise.
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Re: Constant high latency spikes

And if I can't do this?
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Re: Constant high latency spikes

Well, then you may be charged, because the fault may not be related to the physical line. Are you able to connect to the test socket?
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Re: Constant high latency spikes

Just googled what that is. Connected the router to it instead, and same results
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Re: Constant high latency spikes

You still need to use a landline phone to check for noise, the spikes could be being caused by something unrelated to the physical line.
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Re: Constant high latency spikes

I have checked the splitter thing and there's no phone connected to it.

As I said, I am a tenant and the modem is somewhere on the ground floor. I got access to the drawer where the modem and all connections are yesterday when I was looking to connect to the test socket. I expected the phone to be on one of the floors hence I said I have no access to it but there is no phone at all connected to that splitter box, just the LAN cable.

I have been running the network off the test socket since yesterday and I still have the same results as before...

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