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Crash Bug on Smart hub 6B

I have 2  Smart hub , A and B  on this test all the DSL line and cable's and network setting was the same apart from wireless passwords

their an App on IOS that test the LAN speed to the router ( wireless ) on 5ghz if you run the App it will cause packetloss, even on other device on the network, if you run it longer it will crash the router or causes the packetloss to be too much and DLM will force reset the router, i also found that sometime the router setting page can be slow to load at the time of running the app so i feel like this might be a CPU issue reaching 100% load I did the same test with the A and i'm getting the same speed but when testing ICMP i have no sign of packet loss ( just a slight ping increase ) about 3-5ms sometime
i also found with the B you get slightly lower speed then on the A, 
every time i test on BT site my hub speed is always showed ( B ) 74.3mb/s but on the A i'm getting 75.0mb/s 
would like to have test upload to but BT site does not show a upload test would like to see that. 

I also want to ask a question as i have phoned BT soo many time to try to get this issue fixed, my router likes to reboot every 14 days, i know this was an issue with the Type A, but its also happening on me with the Type B  😞 would like to get this issue fixed as it cost me soo many hours in games where i'v spent like 12+ going for record ( personal best ) just for the router to kick me offline.... need this issue fixed BT ASAP as it stop me from trying to get for my records.. just for it to kick me offline honeslty its a joke. 

honeslty  tell me the reason why my router reboots every 14 days 
force rebooting before 14 days ( let say 6 day unplug the router and plug back in ) i get internet for 8 days and it kicks me offline, still and then it back to 14 days 

router log says ( hub went againt system........ ( cant remeber rest )
i think its a exchange/cabinet issue, not my line

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