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Data light on Flex 1000 extender

Hi all, 


I have had the BT flex 1000 set up in my home for about 2 years. No problem. I have recently purchased 2 more to add to the network. When setting up the two new devices my Internet went down. When it came back on I have no data light on the extender plugged in to modem. However BT hub is pushing out signal.


I have tried :

Replugging it all and restarting. 

Trying new, and other old, ethernet cables. 

Hard resets on hub and on all extenders. 

Trying both new and other older extender with modem.

Following the instructions regarding the 8 second hold of link button then pressing it again.

I have tried these with the old ones plugged in, with only new and with only 1 plugged in. 


Any thoughts on how I could get this set up again would be appreciated.


Many thanks. 

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Re: Data light on Flex 1000 extender

@LurzLionheart That's not good I'm sorry to see you're having issues connecting your BT Flex 1000 extenders, it looks like you've tried nearly everything you can to get them working. Have you tried a different ethernet port on your Hub?

If that doesn't work I'd recommend getting in touch with the helpdesk on 0808 100 6116 as they're experts on BT devices. 



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