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Debt Collector Notice Based on Incrrect Information


I received a LCS debt collection notice to pay an internet bill associated with me residing at address X between 2013 to 2020, but this is incorrect since I moved out in 2014 and I have evidence to prove this. More than that, I have also cancelled my account as early as 2013 (the account was moved to another person's name at that address). 

I was advised by a BT call operator to write (by traditional mail) to BT Center and attach evidence of when I moved out from that address. However, acessing printing services and posting letters is beyond my capacity due to the current COVID-19 crisis. Meanwhile, the LCS letters are escalating causing an additional source of stress, so I would appreciate a prompt response from BT to address this misunderstanding via e-mail communcation.

Could I please have a BT email address to discuss and solve this situation? I can send electronic copies of evidence instead. 

Thank you very much.

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