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Delay in fixing fault

Reported a problem online (on Thursday (28/01/21) and told it was external. It was scheduled to be fixed today (02/02/21) . Had an email which promised updates. Have not had any and checking on the progress of the fault it is now scheduled to be fixed by Friday.  When have I not had an update?

This is causing major problems as we are both working from home and use our landline a lot. Don't have unlimited minutes on mobile. I have also missed an important call from the NHS. Problem affects others in the road so why does it not have any priority? Was not happy about having to wait for nearly a week and now it is well over - if it is believable.

Any suggestions to get proper updates and more importantly to get it fixed?



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Re: Delay in fixing fault

if fault affecting more than you have you tried going to 'help' at top of page and check service in my area

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Re: Delay in fixing fault

Thanks. I have checked and not on the list. 

I only know that my neighbour (across the road) is also affected as we spoke on Thursday after I reported it.

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Re: Delay in fixing fault

If it's affecting the area like you say openreach are more than likely working on it already so it will have priority. Sometimes things aren't a quick fix depending on the work needed etc

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Re: Delay in fixing fault

Trust me,  it's very believable.    What's the nature of the problem?

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Re: Delay in fixing fault

Very bad crackle on line on Wednesday and completely dead the following morning. Over the weekend some crackles and improved enough to  OK on Sunday for a couple on hours but back to being completely dead. 


Really fed up at the lack of communication as well as the lack of action. Reckon I will need to ring....

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Re: Delay in fixing fault

As always,  just speaking from personal experience:  from your description,  we had an almost identical problem towards the end of last year.    It turned out to be a problem with our internal wiring,  which BT won't touch;   it's not entirely beyond the bounds of possibility that the fact of your neighbour having a similar problem is coincidence.    Have you tried plugging a phone into the internal master socket?   -   Do you still get the same problem?

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Re: Delay in fixing fault

Thanks. BT ran a check and confirmed that it was external fault. Did try the various things that were suggested. The master socket and wiring is new. Was moved and replaced about nine months ago.

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