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Re: Delete old user addresses

Yes, but where are you seeing this list. Is it on a computer, a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet etc etc.

or is it the list on your Smarthub in which case it has nothing to do with you finding a new hotspot.

If it is the list on your Smarthub why are you needing to delete them?


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Re: Delete old user addresses

Thanks again

On both computer and laptop and the list is in the drop down menu in the Smart Hub under My Devices Device name. I am trying to find a NEW Hotspot built on a raspberry Pi but it's not finding it yet I have checked the software and it's fine on another computer and at a different address.

Thanks again for your time.

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Re: Delete old user addresses

The list of wireless connection on your computer/laptop are, depending on where you see them, current wireless SSids (names) that are being broadcast by various router that are within range of your computer/laptop. This list can not be removed as it is dynamic showing what the device is seeing in real time.

The other place where connections are stored will depend on what operating system your computer/laptop is using. Generally speaking for a Windows connection you need to go into "Network and Sharing" and click on "Manage wireless Networks". Once there you will be able to delete previous wireless connections by highlighting them then clicking delete in the menu bar.

Your Smarthub will not find the raspberry . The Smarthub transmits a wireless signal. It does not receive them.

If your laptop and computer wireless network cards can not find the raspberry it would suggest to me that it is not transmitting a signal that can be picked up by the laptop/computer.

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Re: Delete old user addresses

Thanks again
The plot really thickens as the Raspi is fine at a different address and on a old BT hub but not on my Smart Hub that's not very smart to me
Grateful for your time ideas and patience I will now return to the drawing board
Thanks for everything
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Re: Delete old user addresses

Presumably your raspberry does have a wireless card installed on it?

See link which might help


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Re: Delete old user addresses


Thank you it has built in Wifi 

The attachment is useful thanks again very good of you to find it...


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