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Re: Digital Voice Upgrade


Interesting! Is iy an automatic function or is there somewhere to switch it on?

It should be automatic if Caller Display is active, if it wasn't you wouldn't see the number either.

It may be worth trying a reset on your SH2 by holding something in the reset hole in the back until it reboots. Most problems I've had with DV have been fixed with a SH2 reset.

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Re: Digital Voice Upgrade

Been a few weeks since I had this problem. I thought I would provide an update in case anyone else has experienced this.

Following several exchanges of e-mails , calls to BT using my mobile , three formal complaints, an "engineer's" visit (who thought they had come to install my SmartHub 2 and not fix the 'phone as they admitted to having no training in Digital Voice)  and my threatening to refer the matter to the Ombudsman one of BT's Executive Team took up the case.

It was quickly discovered that the problem was caused by the port in the exchange not being properly configured during the switchover to DigitalVoice. Perhaps I am naive but I would have thought this should have been one of the first things they checked. This has now been rectified and the service is back to normal.

The downside is people who call me have become used to my landline being out of action they have been using my mobile number instead and are continuing to do so,  so the landline is now not heavilly used.   😞

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Re: Digital Voice Upgrade

Some more negatives too.


BT Digital Voice only works with BT’s Smart Hub 2.  If you are planning to use your own router then you must be willing to give up on using the phone service.

Also, in BT’s infinite wisdom, there is no facility to child lock the Digital Voice handsets.  I have young children and I can’t even leave the handset anywhere without the worry of them getting their hands on it and start dialling random numbers.


Surely a child lock feature can be implemented via a firmware update?


Otherwise this is a massive oversight.

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Re: Digital Voice Upgrade

Really useful tip which I have just read. Many thanks.
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