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Digital Voice and making a call from PC

I am transferring over to the new digital voice system on Monday and have received my new phones. I was wondering however if I will be able to make phone calls from my PC either now or the future?

I cannot see anything as far as I can see that says it can be done but I would have thought that this should be a relatively straightforward enhancement  to the service given that everything is now going through the smarthub?

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Re: Digital Voice and making a call from PC


No, calls can only originate and terminate on the BT Smart Hub 2, its not like other third party VOIP services, as its a secure system.

You can of course plug existing phones into the Smart Hub 2.

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Re: Digital Voice and making a call from PC

Thanks for the reply.

I would have thought that it is an enhancement they could make to improve the BT phone service options though. It seems to me to be a logical step to attract more use of the phone service.

For example---- The only two reasons I still use the BT phone system is 1 - because my elderly Dad prefers to use his house phone to phone my house phone. 2 - because my wife has a 'thing' about using her mobile phone to make phone calls.

If it was my decision I would have got rid of it..... however I could be persuaded to use the system more by better integration to the PC systems to make and receive calls directly from my PC along with a revised charging system along the lines of mobile phone packages..

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Re: Digital Voice and making a call from PC

The issue is with authentication, proving that the call is actually originating from your line and is not being spoofed. Also it ensures that you are being correctly billed for calls that you make. Making the Smart Hub2 as the only authorised device, solves this issue.

The forerunner to BT Digital Voice, was BT Broadband Talk (stopped years ago), which was not very secure, as it was possible to use third party devices, if you knew how. 

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