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Digital changeover

We have recently been switched over to digital and all of our existing cordless phones in the main house work fine having plugged the telephone plug into the back of the router. 
So far so good.

The digital handset BT sent also works fine in the house but as we have outbuildings the existing analogue phone no longer works and the digital phone cannot connect to the hub because it’s too far away.

We have WiFi in the outbuildings as there is an Ethernet cable connection using the BT black discs at each end. 

The digital voice adapter would seem to offer a solution but I’m not sure how this would work given the distance. 
There is a telephone cable between the house and the outbuilding which was used to connect a socket for the phone but this no longer works now that the previous copper based service has been cut off.

A related but secondary problem is that the Security Alarm which had a BT connection to the telephone socket enabling the system to dial our mobile in the event of an alert. 

BT engine visited and said there was nothing he could suggest for this or the first problem


help please 

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Re: Digital changeover

You could try to re-rewire your extension sockets to connect to the green phone port on the back of the Smart Hub 2 allowing your extensions sockets to be used again. This needs to be done in carefully as it's very much a DIY at your own risk job and if your broadband is via FTTC or ADSL it's advised not to touch the main incoming connection:

As to the latter part any alarms, Telecare, monitoring equipment or any other devices that connected to your current phone line may need to be upgraded or changed in order for them to continue to work. Please contact the company that offers you this service such as your alarm company or local authority.

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