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Direct Debit Billing


I seem to be caught in a vicious circle with the Chat and Phone teams at Customer Care regarding my Direct Debit date change.
In January I made a call asking if I could make payment by phone using my Debit Card (DC) on the 1st of February as we struggled to have funds available in our joint account for the Direct Debit to go out on the 21st of every month. The Customer Care advisor told me that yes that would be no problem and that I would not receive any charges from BT for doing this. I asked if it would be possible to set up a Direct Debit (DD) for the 1st of every month and he advised me that because there was money outstanding he would not be able to set this up until I called back and made the payment. He suggested that once the payment had been processed that I ask the advisor to set up the DD for the 1st of each month.  
On the 1st of February I made the payment  with my DC and once this had gone through I asked the advisor to set up a DD for the 1st of March and for the money to leave our account on the 1st of each month. The advisor told me that they had set up the DD for the 1st and would send us out a declaration form to hand into our bank. This did not turn up and admittedly requesting it again got forgotten about until we received phone messages and emails asking us to make our February bill payment or charges could be applied and our broadband speeds affected. As the advisor in January had suggested that we would not be charged by doing this I was not too worried.
On the 5th of March, I made the payment  for February over the phone. I then spoke to a Customer Care advisor asking if we could have a DD set up for the 1st of every month. The advisor said that this was fine and asked me to stay on the line while they set this up. We ended the call with the advisor telling me this was all done. Imagine my surprise on the 21st of March when BT took or tried to take money from our account. As we did not have funds in the account I called BT and asked if we would have a charge related to a late payment as was suggested in emails and phone voice messages and if our Broadband speeds would be affected. I was told that this would not happen.
The 4th of April I made payment on our DC and again asked why the funds had been requested from our bank on the 21st of March when I had been told by the previous advisor that a DD had been set up for the 1st of April. The advisor told me that they could see a request had been made for the DD date to be changed and that they had no idea why the system was still requesting monies on the 21st of the month. Again the advisor told me that they had now set up a DD to request money from our account on the 1st of the month. I was less than optimistic and on the 21st of April a request for payment was made. 
I was surprised though, for the amount and I could not work out why until I looked at my bill and found that we had been charged for late payment. I then had to call to ask why a charge had been put onto the account for BT’s inept ability to carry out a simple promise. 
The advisor could see that there was an ongoing issue with the DD requests and offered to have this charge refunded but that would not be until our June bill. This charge I was told today was £10 and the refund was only £7.50 but I am unable to check as every time I try to access my bill I receive an error page (but we will get on to that later). The advisor also suggested that I give a few days for the payment to process and call back to arrange the DD. 
Due to my busy work load I was unable to make a phone call to BT until the 9th of May to make payment of our April Bill. Again the advisor and I had the a conversation similar to the previous about the DD date and it all being set up to come out on the 1st. 
As you can guess a request was made on the 21st of May for our April payment. 
So on the 28th of May as I had some time on my hands I decided to use the Chat system to see if this would be any easier to resolve my issue. Apparently not! As you’ll find when you read on. At first I connected to an advisor who asked for my account number. As I looked for it I was disconnected as I did not find it in the short amount of time the Chat advisor was prepared to wait. I then re-entered all my details and connected to another Chat advisor (Shaleen) who again disconnected me while I was typing. I was by now getting highly frustrated, as you can imagine. I was finally connected to Asha, who was very helpful and understanding. Her response at says the following: “ Thanks you for your patience. My apologies to make you wait. I have made all the arrangements in the account and have set up the Direct Debit date top 1st of every month. You will receive an e-mail confirmation as well very shortly. Asha - 14:30”.
The e-mail did not arrive so I used the Chat system again to make sure that the DD had been set up as promised by Asha. Shikha said the following: “ Ryan, the payment date is set up to 21st of every month and was changed recently so I am unable to change to 1st of every month. Shikha - 09:48. I took this (wrongly, it now seems) to mean that Asha’s good work on the 28th was being processed and we would finally have our request actioned so that monies would leave our account on the 1st of July. However on the 21st June a request was made for £91 and something pence. I am unable to check the amount as I cannot get into my BT bills as eluded to earlier. this has not been released by the bank and so I am going to have to make a call on the 1st of July to go through the whole process again. 
Having said that I have had a conversation with a Customer Care advisor this evening who has advised me that she has sent this issue to the Offline Team.
I made this call today at 5:45pm and imagine my delight when the call was answered with someone saying “Molesterer, How may I help you today? I replied “can I have your name please” her reply was Tamara. When I said that doesn’t sound like what you said first she seemed to giggle with a colleague and I then asked if she was going to take this call seriously at which point her attitude turned more professional. 
After her poor start to the phone conversation Tamara improved immensely and seemed to be very helpful. She explained that she could see there was an ongoing issue and tried her best to work out the problem. Unfortunately her expertise was not allowing her to resolve the issue and needed to forward it on to the Offline Team. While in conversation she said that If everybody had their Direct Debits going out on the 1st that it would not be good for business so they deter it. The call ended with Tamara advising that if I had not received a call from the Offline Team by Monday 6pm that I should call back. This didn’t fill me full of confidence that the problem would be fixed. 
As you may imagine all this has left me feeling very disappointed with BT’s Customer Service and their ability to resolve an issue that has been going on 6 months now. 
Many thanks
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Re: Direct Debit Billing

Hi @Ryan1

Welcome to the community and thanks for your post!

I'm sorry you have had such a difficult time changing the date your payments are debited from your account.  I have went over all the points you have raised and I have to admire your patience as if the same thing happened to me I wouldn't be as calm as you to be honest.

Can you send us over your details and we'll give you a hand to sort everything out from here?  Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link underneath my profile picture.



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Re: Direct Debit Billing

Nearly a year on since my last post and problem still not dealt with. BT are an absolute disgrace!

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Re: Direct Debit Billing

Did you contact the moderator as requested?

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Re: Direct Debit Billing

@Ryan1 I'm really sorry the issue with your direct debit has yet to be resolved. I'll send you a Private Message with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team and we'll be happy to look into this for you.

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