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I am finally registering and posting to express my utter disappointment with the BT Whole Home Wifi since the firmware (1.02.04 build10) update a couple of month back. We’ve been using the device since April 2017 and it has worked perfectly and beautifully until the update. 

Issues range from:

  • Disc failing to connect
  • Disc randomly disconnect
  • Disc connects but lack internet access
  • Devices connecting but failing to have internet access to nearest disc
  • Devices refuses to connect

Usually I am fine when a software updates causes a glitch or two but I have always expected it to be fixed soon and early. Considering the firmware has been out for a while, there have been no fixes nor rollbacks to ease this issue and it is currently mid-May.

No amount of disc reset to factory setting reset, and reinitiase the setup can solve the issues. The only solution I found was to just use 1 disc which defeats the whole point of a mesh network and reason for purchasing it in the first place, as well as limiting the range of the wifi.

Unfortunately the latest firmware has caused so much frustration and annoyance in the household that I can no longer recommend it to anyone. In fact, I would heavily dissuade anyone from purchasing it as of this point.

I will be launching a formal complaint to BT and then binning the devices. I don't even think it's fair to resell them to some unsuspecting users and cause them suffering. I will now either purchase the Google Wifi, or the Netgear Orbi. If anyone has any opinions about these devices (or any other alternative) please let me know.

/End Rant

Thanks for your time

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Re: Dissapointment

did you read this thread

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Re: Dissapointment

Yes, been through all the posts and solutions. While some would work, it would only do so for a short time before something would fail again. Anything else is probably too complicated for something that should be simple.

At this point, I just do not care and will be moving on.

I posted to give new users a heads up as well as expressing my voice. Hopefully something will be done soon, but it would be too late for me. Thanking for your reply.

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