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Re: Discord images being blocked

Hi Matt.
I turned off web protect and all was the fine and images could be viewed. Therefore it looks like the issue is with web protect. Have any changes been made recently.
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Re: Discord images being blocked

Hi @SL23 

I'm sorry about the problems that are currently being experienced when using Discord

We've raised this with the network team who are currently investigating. At this point, we don't know the root cause of the issue or if it's related to Web Protect

Once we have an update we will let the Community know. 


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Re: Discord images being blocked

Hello everyone i am a bt home hub 5 user , i am having the exact same issue. i could not view discord images on my laptop ( app and browser version ) or my mobile android device. Although i did change my dns settings by following the instructions on these 2 websites - & 

  • For IPv4: and/or
  • For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and/or 2001:4860:4860::8844.

After changing these settings i could then view images on the pc version ( app and browser ) but i am still unable to view images on my android device. ( i am not sure if it would work with mobile data turned on but it does not work with my wifi ) I do not have parental controls turned on and i do not have any web protect on my pc. I have spoke on the phone with a bt repairs adviser and they informed me that this post is probably the only place i would find a answer so im adding it to my favourites and hopefully this bit of information can help someone come up with a solution to our problem.  If anyone has any helpful information please let me know. thankyou KIMDING91

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Re: Certain sites & images being blocked

Hi, I'm having the same problem with certain sites being blocked. Not a Discord user but it is clearly all the same issue. 

No parental controls active but I do have Web protect on. 

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Re: Certain sites & images being blocked

Hi, I had the same issue.

Go to your account and switch off BT web protect, this is the cause for a fact. 

BT web protect only used to give false readings anyway (for me at least) and I am protected by an Anti Virus program. If you aren't then obviously turn off at your own risk, but BT web protect is 100% the thing that was preventing me from seeing pictures from a variety of web hosts and these were not adult or **bleep** sites either, just normal sites. Even google image searches were being interfered with.

Now all is fine

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Re: Certain sites & images being blocked

I can confirm that turning off Web protect has resolved my issue
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Re: Certain sites & images being blocked

I found you can still view the images if you open them in a new tab (I use Chrome)

Do you know if this problem is affecting Discord's voice chat? Can people still join chats and hear/speak to each other okay? I can't check it myself right now

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Re: Certain sites & images being blocked

Voice chat is fine, I'm using it right now as a matter of fact.

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Re: Certain sites & images being blocked

That's good to know, I'd rather use my method of viewing images and wait until the image problem is sorted out. If I were unable to enter a chat then I'd be mad & want to take immediate action!

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Re: Certain sites & images being blocked

The problem is now fixed I think. I was just on discord and the images just loaded and everything's working fine.

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