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Do I exist?

"Hello, BT here. Sorry I missed you earlier when I called. I wanted to discuss the address that you are moving into. Can you please call 08005874787 and ask to speak to the fibre team. What I was calling about was to see if the address is a new build and if it has a white openreach box in the address and if it does , then we would like to know what the serial number is so we can get the openreach records updated . Kind regards Craig Please don't reply to this text - we won't see it. Thanks."


Ok, so I ring, and get answered, and, I don't show up on their system? Weird as.

I've put in to be connected to FTTP on 8/7/20, and have had confirmation of everything, and now this.

I've cancelled my old provider (vodafone) for that date.

This is very worrying.

Oh, also, as I am rather deaf, I've asked several times to be contacted by email, or text, rather than ringing me. No one seems capable of this, as all emails and texts come with a "do not reply" disclaimer.

Disability discrimination?

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Re: Do I exist?


Good Morning, 

The BT Forum is made up of mainly customers, but does have some moderators, however they do not have access to th FTTP systems.

To help you as best we can, you have FTTP available to order?  Have you moved into a new property, or was FTTP a recent addition?  I ask as you moved from VodaFone who I don't believe do FTTP.

Reagarding your hearing impairment, why not use Relay UK - 

Kind Regards
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Re: Do I exist?

Are you moving into a new address , or upgrading at your current address ?, if upgrading at your current address, presumably you will know if your address has a FTTP ONT ( optical network termination ) , if you are moving , then perhaps you won’t know that information.

Cancelling Vodafone is irrelevant in this regard , as you would be doing that anyway ( unless you want to continue to pay for a service at an address you have left )
It seems to me that your new address is somehow problematic, If it is a new build , there is a good chance it is already fibre to the premises ready ( FTTP)  and to try ensure you get service ASAP,  knowing the ONT serial number ( if one is fitted ) would speed things up, if you don’t know and have no way to find out until you actually move ( assuming you are moving ) then there may be a delay as the back end systems would need to be updated afterwards instead of beforehand, you may say that they should already know this info, but this is a BT Consumer forum, it’s Openreach’s ONT , the builder registers the address, if the information is missing or misleading , then at least BT trying to contact you is being proactive and looking to address the issue in advance

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Re: Do I exist?

Thanks for the replies.


I'm not moving into a new home, I've lived here for 2 years, and currently have (very slow) broadband with vodafdone.

Openreach have erected a pole, 2 metres from my back door.


The house is not new build, it was built in 1875.


There is this;


Good Morning, I have checked your address on the Openreach wholesale line checker this morning and can confirm that Fibre to the Premises broadband is now available to your property. Apologies for the delay in informing you, however, Openreach have been unable to carry out FTTP installs due to Covid-19 and have only just recommenced these. Therefore, the line checker has only recently been updated to show availability. Further information regarding FTTP is available here Please be aware that there are a limited number of providers that currently offer FTTP packages in Cornwall, these can be found at


and this;


Your order timeline




06 Jul 2020 between 7am and 6pm
Broadband equipment delivery (you won't need to sign for it)
We need to confirm this date, see below




08 Jul 2020 before midnight
Phone service starts
We need to confirm this date, see below


08 Jul 2020 before midnight
Broadband starts
We need to confirm this date, see below


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Re: Do I exist?

Basically they'll be wanting to check if an engineer is required or not. If the white box is there & installed & they can get the serial number they should be able to get it activated quicker with no need for an engineer visit. If it's just been installed outside I doubt there will be the equipment installed

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Re: Do I exist?

Thanks mate, that makes sense. The box is for copper. Fibre poles have been connected, and activated, in our hamlet, but , as of yet, none  have been connected to the properties.

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