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Email address to friends and family


Under my BT account, I wanted to create a new email address for a family member taking BT's email suggestion. I then created a password and associated the new email address to my BT account, but I never received an activation link to my primary email account, so my family member cannot use their account. When I inserted the new email address into the Activate Your BT ID window, the error message displayed was 'Sorry, we didn't recognize your details. Please try again'. 

Unless, I receive the activation link, I cannot progress. How long does it normally take for an activation link to be sent?  I can see the newly created email address for the family member affiliated to my account but sadly I cannot access it.



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Re: Email address to friends and family

If you are setting up a new email account for another person you need to follow the procedure as per the attached link and sub links. You need to follow the "affiliated " procedure after you have completed the initial set up.

How do I create and activate a new BT Email address? | BT Help

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