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Email *from* BT customers delayed

Emails from BT customers to my domain are routinely delayed and sometimes fail silently. The headers of messages that do get through suggests the delay is in passing the message from the last BT ( server to the first of my ISP's servers (Mythic Beasts). Extract from a recent example below. Mythic Beasts can see no evidence in their logs prior to the successful receipt, suggesting that the problem (or at least the evidence) may be at the BT end. Can anyone throw any light on what may be happening?

Received: from [] (port=23421
	by with esmtps (TLS1.2:ECDHE_RSA_AES_256_GCM_SHA384:256)
	(Exim 4.92.3)
	(envelope-from <***>)
	id 1k1fdQ-0006qL-83
	for ***; Sat, 01 Aug 2020 01:44:28 +0100
Received: from ([])
          by with ESMTP
          id <>
          for <***>; Fri, 31 Jul 2020 18:00:50 +0100




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Re: Email *from* BT customers delayed

Have a look at this link and if needed you will need to contact the BT Postmaster to see what the problem is.

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Re: Email *from* BT customers delayed

Thanks for the reply, and for the link. Unfortunately the page doesn't help all that much because it's all about mail *to* BT customers and my problem is the reverse. But it does include an address for the BT PostMasters so I'll try there.


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Re: Email *from* BT customers delayed

There appear to be a number of threads reporting this problem over a long period of time without any BT action.

I have this problem receiving emails from multiple contacts and to multiple email addresses of mine.

As you have the shown the problem is definitely between BTs different email servers.

I am not telling contacts to drop BT as an email provider. It seems to the only solution.

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Re: Email *from* BT customers delayed

For what it's worth I managed to solve my problem, though it probably won't help others.

My incoming mailserver was using 'Greylisting' to protect against spam - see here for details: - though my provider no longer recommends doing this. I've now disabled this feature and email from BT customers seems to be flowing fine.

Greylisting shouldn't cause mail to get lost if it's being sent from a server that's operating correctly - it should either arrive after a slight delay or get returned to sender as undeliverable. The fact that I was seeing both long delays and lost messages suggests there's something  not quite right about BT's mail servers that might also affect messages under other circumstances. However given that I'm not a customer and the BT postmasters don't seem inclined to talk to me there's not much I can do about this.

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Re: Email *from* BT customers delayed

BT mail servers inability to respond to greylisting requests is EXACTLY what the problem is.  Our mail server (SmarterMail) recieves email connections from btinternet servers immediately they are sent.  As an acknowledged method of spam reduction, emails from addresses not seen by our mail server before, prompt a greylisting action.  BT mail servers do not respond to greylisting requests.  It is regularly 10 days before BT resends the original email.

We have no similar problems with any other ISP (MS, Google, Oath (Yahoo/AOL etc), only BT emails.

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Re: Email *from* BT customers delayed


Yesterday, i received a delivery notification that i set on an e-mail to a business. I sent the e-mail on the 4th February 2021, and received the delivery notification 15th February 2012.

I raised this issue on the forum, as i have had issues sending and receiving e-mails.

The delivery notification may indicate that the """ domain is not a recognised non-SPAM sender - i have yet to examine the text more thoroughly.

The problem is, that i had sent the business e-mails prior to the 4th February 2021 with no issues.

I am certain that it is a BT issue as other addresses were able to send to the recipient with no problem at the same time (testing).

Not related - but another annoyance is that i cannot sign into webmail (or BT home page) once i am forced out of webmail - time out. I have deleted cookies etc., and it has no effect. Only been happening for the past 2 weeks. 



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