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Re: Email not working

Hi @Neville1999, welcome to the forum, and sorry you are getting this error message.

If you're still experiencing this problem and you're using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? Would you try disconnecting it?

If that doesn't help would you please answer the below questions for us?

Which countries have you tried to access your account from? (this may just be the UK)
What type of device are you using ? Laptop/tablet/mobile ?
Are you using a web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer or Edge etc) or BT Webmail?



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Re: Email not working

Yes John, I was using VPN and so I did turn it off after reading comments, and yes that did seem to fix it!!


I am in the UK

Thanks for your comments

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Re: Email not working

I'm having exactly the same error accessing MyBT having had BT Broadband installed last week. 

Before installation it was fine and since, but I got the error for the first time today.

I am using a Work laptop and have  cleared cookies (used incognito session to make sure none were set) but my employers enforce the use of a Forcepoint proxy for all internet access, whether the VPN is active or not.  This setup hasn't changed (to my knowledge) so why have I only just got the error for the first time?

Can the Forcepoint proxies be added to a White list or is there some other way my access can be restored?

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Re: Email not working

Having same issue. Has been fine for years, and now suddenly stopped.

Same VPN (work) as previous, now cant access account.

Zscaler is default work environment application

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Re: Email not working

This is an intermittent problem which only occurs when accessing from a PC. I don't use a work VPN. I'm accessing from the UK. There is usually no problem when logged into a BT internet connection. The problem occurs when I try to access email from my PC while logged on via a different internet provider.

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Re: Email not working

Is there a fix for this because the problem has started for me today. I can't get to my emails in the web-browser, can't login to my BT account of BT cloud. What's changed on the BT end? Nothing new on my end.

I have to use zscaler because it's my work laptop. I tried clearing cache, cookies, tried Chrome, Edge, Firefox. Tried restarting my laptop. Same error code every time.

Sorry we couldn't connect you. If you continue to experience issues, Please contact BT and quote Error Code: TS-0003

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Re: Email not working

So my e-mail on my work laptop has stopped working this morning same message as before:

Error Code: TS-0003

Yes I have a VPN, we use Zscaler which appears to be a fairly common among those experiencing this problem.  I cannot turn the VPN off and it is not affecting other devices. 

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Re: Email not working

Problem back again, nothing changed on my side, This seems to be a BT generated issue

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Re: Email not working

I have also started getting this exact problem.  I can connect to BT email using BT as the service provider but cannot connect on my other (main) provider.     As an aside, the email login has also started taking 3 or 4 minutes to connect which is painful.  This all started on 10/2/22 and I am in the uk.   What can I do?

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Re: Email not working

Well,  mine started working again after 3 days. No action on my part!

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