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Engineer Charge after 4 months


I switched to BT from March 2020. After setting up the router, I found the connection constantly dropped. Then I requested an engineer to check. The engineer checked inside and outside for 2 hours, he also changed the main socket just to try if there's a problem from there, then he tested and said everything's fine. However,  the problem still not solved when he left, so I booked the second engineering after two days, which was on 9th March. When I booked the engineer, the agent said there won't be any charge for the engineer as the problem is not solved for the first time and they tested that the problem is from their side. The second engineer came and check inside and outside the house. He said there's a problem from the main station on the street. When he was about to leave, he looked at the connector near my door and he fixed something. I asked him what was he doing, he just said it can improve the internet faster, not a big deal, He said he just help as lift a finger. I have asked the engineer if the problem is from me. he said don't worry about that. Everything fine after that until I received an 85 pounds charge in July. This is really unfair after 4 months. I contacted the customer service, their attitude is very strict and said the engineer has reported it was a wiring problem. I asked why you charge me so late, they said maybe due to Covid19 which I think is still unfair. I requested the original report from the engineer and the previous conversation with the agent, but they just ignore my message.

I don't know how to claim this money. Could you please give me some advice about that?

Best regards,


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