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Err. Code: 510

Having just resolved the maddening Err code:553 which was apparently caused by my VPN and which I now have to disable whenever I want to send more than a simple message ...

I have now discovered something even more maddening !  This message:


Bad email address - one of the addresses in your TO, CC or BCC fields does not exist. Please check domain spelling.

The email address may be in one of your Contacts so please look there as well.

Ha, ha very enlightening - except it doesn't indicate which one!   Yes, this is in my Contacts list but as this particular list has 56 names what am I supposed to do ? 

Send 56 separate messages until the 'non existent address' is highlighted ?  That seems the only way - but for goodness sake !  Far better NOT to warn me and then I will get an undelivered message in the normal way.

BT - supposedly staffed by some of the best and technically superior brains but hasn't thought this one through. Far better to leave this 'helpful' message out and I can then get on with my life. 👎


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Re: Err. Code: 510

If you are trying to send to 56 email addresses in your list you should try removing seven of them. The email group sending is limited to 49 addresses.

If it then allows you to send the 49 I suspect that the error code is just a generic code that covers more than one problem.

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Re: Err. Code: 510

Thanks for that  BUT

I've been doing this to 56 or more contacts on a specific list way back with BT Yahoo Mail and successfully

at least 6 times in the past 9 months with BT Mail. This begs the question: have the new improvements caused this?


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Re: Err. Code: 510

As far as I am aware it has always been 49 since the migration away from BTYahoo to BTMail which was completed some time ago.

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Re: Err. Code: 510

I thank you for your reply and explanation but although I have to consider the matter closed I am still unconvinced or happy.   My feeling is that if Google can do it then so should BT.


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