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Extension phones with full fibre

We currently have standard broadband and an analogue phone line, with extensions in various rooms chosen for their purpose (wall-mounted out of the way in a small room, desk with good phone book in study, unobtrusive one in bedroom and a couple of cordless with answer system). Looking to upgrade to full fibre (no option here of FTTC) I'd like to keep this setup rather than it seems being lumbered with just a single plug-in phone where the hub is plus a BT-supplied IP phone that I have to carry around from room to room and remember to keep charged. Can the existing internal phone extension circuit be connected to the hub somehow?

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Re: Extension phones with full fibre

you would need to disconnect the 2 incoming openreach wires from back of master socket and then connect the phone socket on the back of SH2 to an existing phone socket

there are numerous posts similar to yours if you use search facility

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