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(FTTC) BT can't correlate my frequent, daily disconnects

Months ago I had an issue with frequent disconnects and DLM being applied to my line to cap it at 40Mb. Eventually, it got sorted via an engineer visit to fix some wiring external to my property.

All was stable for a few weeks until it started happening again. Today alone I've experienced 3 disconnects. However, BT say they don't have a record of it their end.

I'm not using the HomeHub (because it's rubbish) but using a dedicated modem. I can tell exactly when the line drops - it eventually recovers but it's frustrating that BT won't acknowledge that my connection drops - I seemingly do a better job of monitoring it than they do.

I've got an engineer coming this week to have a look, but I'm not convinced much will happen. Last time it took a few days, a couple of engineer visits, and a demand for some refund as I was actually, for a time, below my guarnateed speed.

What can I do to get this expidited outside of the normal support channels?

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Re: (FTTC) BT can't correlate my frequent, daily disconnects

There is nothing going to happen before you get engineer this week so if still not fixed then post back

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